About Our School

Established in 1964, Deerfield Community Nursery School (DCNS) provides a sound, appropriate play-based curriculum for children between 18 months and 6 years old. The school offers a rich program that stimulates the physical and mental development of each child in an atmosphere that promotes social and emotional growth.

In order to sustain this long-standing vision, DCNS will continue to:

  • employ and retain experienced and nurturing teachers
  • maintain a very low child-to-teacher ratio in each class
  • provide a supportive and developmentally appropriate environment for each child
  • respect each child’s individuality and developmental needs
  • be governed by a board of directors, comprised of interested parents
  • foster close parent-staff and family-to-family relationships

DCNS welcomes all preschool-aged children and has no religious affiliation.

Our Philosophy — Learning Through Play

Play is the cornerstone to our educational philosophy. It has purpose and meaning to children and is a major avenue for development and learning. Teachers strive to make learning fun by using play situations to help children relate to concepts and ideas. For instance, blocks are used to introduce such math concepts as more than, higher than, and smaller than — all terms which have clear and concrete meaning for children. Learning this way is fun and engaging, and it allows teachers to create a classroom atmosphere that buzzes and bubbles with delight.

In designing our programs, three goals are paramount:

  1. Help child and parent adjust as the child makes the transition from the security of home to a small group setting.
  2. Provide a warm atmosphere where a child can eagerly participate.
  3. Develop a trusting relationship between child, parent and teacher.

Parent Participation and Communication

DCNS is more than just a school — it is a community. We value and encourage all families to participate in these school activities:

  • Conferences: Parent-teacher conferences are scheduled three times during the school year; once as an orientation conference held before school begins in the fall, next a telephone conference held before winter break and last, a spring conference for parents and teachers to sit together to assess each child’s progress. In addition, parents, teachers or the school’s director may arrange a conference at any time as needed.
  • Family Social Event: Each school year, a special event is planned in which parents, grandparents or other family members can accompany their children to school and participate in some of the activities their children enjoy. We want all parents to know about our programs and to visit as often as possible. We also want to create opportunities for the children to share their world at school with their family.
  • Open Door Policy: Parents are welcome to stop by the director’s office at any time during school hours to meet with her. If parents are interested in observing or visiting their child’s classroom, they can make an appointment with the teacher or director. In addition, there may be special times during the year when parents may be asked to share a special talent or talk with the children.
  • Coffees: The nursery school director leads a series of discussion groups at various times during the school year. These coffees provide parents with an opportunity to share their experiences and to deepen their understanding of the preschooler’s behavior.
  • Notices and Newsletters: DCNS provides each child with a school tote bag for bringing home notices. Parents should check their child’s tote daily for messages from school, since this is the primary means of keeping parents informed. Newsletters are also sent via email several times during the year to keep parents apprised of school activities and special events. The newsletter is also posted on the school’s bulletin board.
  • Parent’s Library: DCNS maintains a library of books and pamphlets covering areas of interest and concern to parents of preschool-age children. The materials are available on loan. In addition, a resource file is kept on a variety of articles related to young children. Please feel free to see the director to find out what topics are kept on file. Parents are welcome to have copies of any of the articles.